Treasured Polish Christmas Customs & Traditions - 6th Edition

Treasured Polish Christmas Customs & Traditions - 6th Edition

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Treasured Polish Christmas Customs and Traditions
Carols, Decorations, and a Christmas Play

Edited by Josepha K. Contoski
Illustrated by Zofia Stryjenska

This is an interesting and attractive book published after mush research, describing the religious and folk customs and traditions of the Polish Christmas holiday as it was and still is observed in Poland. Though the country's many regions have variations in their costumes, this book recounts the Christmas season in a way that typifies Polish ways in general.

Colorful reproductions of Stryjenska's art beautifully illustrate the book. It contains a charming Story of Christmas, and provides menus and recipes, carols and music, the Nativity Play (Jasełka), and tree ornaments. The authentic decorations are patterns with detailed instructions for reproducing. It also describes in detail the pleasurable times and tasks of the Przadki, the baked goose on St. Martin's, the star carriers Gwiazdorze, the romancing on St. Sylvester's Eve, the comical Turon, the popular Koleda, the excited children on St. Nicolas Day and the countless preparations for the Christmas holiday season with its joyous events and celebrations. Teachers may find this book helpful in their curriculum as reference resource for ethnic studies.

It is delightful reading not only for the Christmas season but also during the whole year to be enjoyed by all. It makes and excellent gift and can help you plan your own Wigilia with countless preparation ideas for the Christmas holiday season.

Publishing House: Polart Distributions 2021, 6th printing
Hardcover book measuring 8.75" x 11.0" x 0.75"
198 pages, illustrations, song sheet music
English Language Version

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