Action Figure - Onufry Zagloba, Polish Nobleman

Action Figure - Onufry Zagloba, Polish Nobleman

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This exquisitely detailed Polish nobleman, Onufry Zagłoba, from the 17th Century is entirely hand-painted and made of plastic. Zag łoba is wearing a typical dress of Polish nobleman that is "ż upan", a robe and a Hungarian-style fur hat with "szkofia" (an ornament in the form of eagle's wing decorated with filigree and set with precious stones). Attached to a richly ornamented silk belt there is a "karabela" - a sabre with an open hilt with the pommel modeled after an eagle's head.

Measures approx. 2"L x 2"W x 3.75"H
Not suitable for children under three years of age

A character from the trilogy by Henryk Sienkiewicz set in the reality of the Republic of Poland of the 17th century. The character appears in all volumes of the trilogy: "Ogniem i mieczem" ("With the fire and sword"), "Potop" ("The deluge") and "Pan Wołodyjowski" ("Colonel Wołodyjowski"). Zag łoba is the Polish sarmatian, reveler, habitual liar, glutton but also ardent patriot, great companion and a very resourceful man (his famous stratagems).

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