Boy's Dont Cry - Chlopaki nie placza DVD

Boy's Dont Cry - Chlopaki nie placza DVD

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Teenagers in modern Warsaw: Kuba Brenner wants to become a violinist. Kuba wants to help his very shy friend, Oskar, to meet some girls. Through a series of complicated (and very humorous) accidents, Kuba finds himself in the middle of a meeting of the local Polish Mafia. Events go from bad to worse for Kuba when some men attempt to rob the gangsters: shots are fired, and two of the bandits, Grucha and Bolec, are wounded. When the smoke clears, the gangsters' suitcase, stuffed with cash, has vanished, and the boy is missing as well. Kuba suddenly has a new, bigger problem to solve: the Mafia really wants to find him, and we all know what that means for our young friend.

One of the best Polish comedies of the late 1990's, Boys Don't Cry is a satirical look at the gangsters of Poland and some teens who accidentally get involved with them. The humor is black, sometimes vulgar, and always hilarious. The cast comes from the new generation of Polish actors, and all are very talented.

Director: Olaf Lubaszenko
Cast: Maciej Stuhr, Cezary Pazura, Michal Milowicz, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz, Anna Mucha
Release Date: 2000
Run Time: 100 min, Color
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Language: Polish, with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy

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