Eroica DVD

Eroica DVD

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A truly great film and one of the key works of postwar Polish cinema, this feature by Andrzej Munk is a fine example of the Polish myth of romantic heroism. The Warsaw Uprising is looked at through the eyes of a drunken black marketeer; in the second "movement," Polish prisoners in a German camp fanatically believe in the heroism of their comrade, which, in fact, is a farce. "Eroica", wrote Pauline Kael, "is a true black comedy and one of the few modern movies that has something relevant to say about the modern world."

Film dokonuje ironicznego rozrachunku z mitem bohaterszyzny funkcjonujacym w naszej kulturze od pokolen.

Cast: Edward Dziewonski, Kazimierz Opalinski, Leon Niemczyk.
Directed by Andrzej Munk
1957. Black & White. 80 mins.
NTSC format - ready to use in the USA and Canada - no need for multisystem equipment.
In Polish with optional English Subtitles
Genre: World War I-II, Drama, Comedy

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