Flexible Magnet - Warsaw, Ghetto

Flexible Magnet - Warsaw, Ghetto

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Flexible PVC magnet in remembrance of the Warsaw Ghetto, the largest of the Jewish ghettos during WWII containing an estimated 440,000 people. Magnet designed to be placed on a refrigerator or other stationary metal surface.

Closed off from the outside world in 1940, diseases and starvation thrived, however educational and cultural activities still progressed despite the grave hardships. In 1942, about half of the residents were sent to Treblinka and murdered. Deciding to fight in January 1943 beginning the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an armed resistance arose when the Nazi Germans began the final expulsion. The fighting continued until it officially ended on May 16, 1943, the same time the Great Synagogue of Warsaw was also demolished. Most of the remaining 50,000 residents were murdered or deported to concentration camps.

Magnet measures: 2.38" W x 0.82" H

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