Glass Bowl - Sponge Series, 13 inches Wide

Glass Bowl - Sponge Series, 13 inches Wide

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A good decorative bowl can be a perpetual centerpiece accent for any home décor with it's timeless elegance. This hand blown decorative bowl of the Sponge Series represents the highest quality of workmanship. Crafted in Poland with precision, the Sponge Series features a semiopaque painted base of a flecked and sponge pattern of red and orange autumn hues proceeding upward midway where it then transcends into a single winding ribbon of a majestic golden quality. The total composition of this fine glasswork creates a piece of beauty that will add charm to any room or office. There is always an occasion to need to receive a decorative bowl of such glorious craftsmanship, share this rare piece of artwork with a loved one today.

• Bowl measures 13.39" D x 6.10" H
• Made in Poland

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