Polish Aces of World War 2

Polish Aces of World War 2

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Polish Aces of World War 2
Written by Robert Gretzyngier and Wojtek Matusiak
Illustrated by Robert Gretzyngier

Pilots of the Polish Air Force saw action from the first day of World War 2 until the final victory in Europe. Flying hopelessly outmoded P.11 fighters in defence of their country in September 1939, a handful of aviators inflicted serious losses on the Luftwaffe before being overwhelmed. The survivors escaped to then neutral Hungary and Romania, before being ordered to France by the new C-in-C of exiled Polish Armed Forces, General Sikorski. With the invasion of Western Europe in May 1940, the surviving pilots were once more thrust into desperate action in newly-formed Polish units.

Publishing House: Osprey Publishing Ltd., New York 1998
Aircraft of the Aces Series, No 21
Softcover book measuring 7.3" x 9.8"
100 pages, illustrations, photographs
English Language Version

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