Polish American Karaoke Christmas Carols- Koledy Polskie DVD

Polish American Karaoke Christmas Carols- Koledy Polskie DVD

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Polish American Christmas Carols Karaoke on DVD

First ever koledy karaoke release on DVD containing 15 Polish Christmas Carols for everyone. Both original and phonetically enhanced texts of the carols make singing in Polish easy for those who don't speak the language. Just slide disc into your DVD player, enjoy pan pipes background music, and sing what you see on the screen. It works and is great family fun!

Songs Included are:

  1. Cicha Noc - Silent Night
  2. Lulajze Jezuniu - Hush, Little Jesus
  3. Pojdzmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki - Let's All Go to the Stable
  4. Bog Sie Rodzi - God is Born
  5. Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy - In Midnight's Silence
  6. Do Szopy Hey Pasterze - Hey Shepherds Go to the Shed
  7. Jezus Malusienki - Baby Jesus
  8. Dzisiaj w Betlejem - Today in Bethlehem
  9. Przybiezeli do Betlejem - They Came to Bethlehem
  10. Medrcy Swiata - Three Wise Men, Earthly Monarchs
  11. Gdy Sliczna Panna - When the Lovely Virgin Mary
  12. W Zlobie Lezy - In Crib Lying
  13. Gdy sie Chrystus Rodzi - When Christ is Born
  14. Oj Maluski, Maluski - Oh, My Little One
  15. Mizerna Cicha - Barn, Poor and Silent
Total running time: 41 minutes, 22 seconds.
NTSC format - ready to use in the USA and Canada - no need for multisystem equipment.
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Polish, English Phonetics
In Color

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