Szczecin Topographic Map

Szczecin Topographic Map

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Topographic map (Mapa Topograficzno) of Szczecin and surrounding area with detailed tourist information and travel destinations in the area. Scale is 1:100 000. All names of city/village and index are in Polish. Legend is in Polish/German/English. Map unfolded measures 38"L x 25"W.

The map includes:

  • railways
  • motorways
  • main roads
  • secondary roads
  • local roads
  • footpaths
  • national and international road numbers
  • PKS bus stations
  • urban and suburban bus terminals
  • tramway terminals
  • filling stations
  • service stations
  • parking areas
  • post offices
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • camp sites
  • holiday centres and summer resorts
  • foresters' lodges
  • churches
  • shrines
  • castles
  • palaces
  • architectural monuments
  • museums
  • folk art centres
  • old ramparts
  • battle fields
  • national memorial sites
  • nature reserves
  • historic trees
  • marked tourist trails

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