Third Secret of Fatima (EN)

Third Secret of Fatima (EN)

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In Fátima, Portugal 1917 three young Portuguese shepherds claimed to be given three secrets by an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, generally known as Our Lady of Fátima, which consist of series of visions and prophecies, know now as the "Three Secrets of Fátima". The first two secrets were shared in 1941. The third secret was recorded in a letter and sealed in an envelope by one of the young shepherds in 1943 not to be opened until 1960. It was not until the year 2000 when the text of the third secret was released by the Vatican to the public. Here in cassette form is the Third Secret of Fátima.

In 1983 in Cracow, Poland, Pope John Paul II prayed publicly for the Third Fátima Secret not to come true.
Lets us pray for a blessing so that we could read the signs of time properly."
~Pope John Paul II, Cracow Poland 1983

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