Wooden Popgun Toy for Children

Wooden Popgun Toy for Children

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Back in the old day, "fun" for children was usually defined by wooden toys, such as wooden horses, wooden trucks, and wooden popguns like this one. Handmade, and hand-painted, this wooden popgun is a great alternative to those plastic guns kids run around with nowadays.

The cork pop top is tied to the wooden gun with a string to keep from being lost or from flying into someone's eye. Since all of the pop guns are hand-painted, they come in a variety of different colors. Please allow us to make the color selection you.

Measures approx. 10" in Length.
Made in Poland
Insurance is not available for this item.

Please Note (very carefully): DO NOT allow your children to pop this popgun towards their eyes. The string attached to the gun and cork will prevent the cork from flying more than 1' distance, but it will not prevent a child from popping it at point-blank range. This is the responsibility of the parent!

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